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Styling and Design
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Chaz is the owner and creative director at BRYLO studio

BRYLO is a creative studio based in Longmont, Colorado that originally began as a letterpress greeting card line. Currently, BRYLO focuses on styling and creative direction, with a particular love of styling spaces and interiors.

Chaz is the Creative Director (and before you ask, yep; that's her full name). 

The name BRYLO is derived from a combination of the last names of Chaz's Great Nana and the woman who she loved. BRY = Bryant and LO = Lloyd. 

This photo is by the crazy-talented Alison Emerick. The photos of my work on this site are taken by many different talented creatives, and each is credited individually under the information for the individual photos. 

Chaz also designs a line of artistic and minimal letterpress wedding invitations which can be found at